International Bank

International Trade Service

Import Transactions

International Trade Service

Export Transactions

International Trade Service

Foreign Bank Guarantees

Tsedey Bank processes Incoming and Outgoing foreign bank guarantees as per the customers’ needs

International Remittance Service

Remittance Service through SWIFT

Tsedey Bank provides money transfer services through SWIFT. SWIFT is a worldwide financial messaging system that enables Banks to transfer funds in fast and secured way. Tsedey Bank SWIFT Code - TSDYETAA

International Remittance Service

Remittance Service through International money Transfer Operators

Tsedey Bank works with various international money transfer operators to provide fast and secured money transfer service for its customers.

International Remittance Service

Foreign Exchange Services

Purchase and Sales of Foreign Currency (F/CY) Cash Notes

  • Forex bureau of the Bank buy FCY Cash Notes at the prevailing exchange rate.
  • Forex bureau of the Bank also sell FCY Cash Notes for Holiday travel expenses, Business travel allowance, medical expense, Educational expenses and General transfers as per NBE’s Directives and the Bank’s Policies and Procedures.

International Remittance Service

Foreign Currency Account

Non-Resident Foreign Currency Accounts (NR-FCY)

  • Tsedey Bank opens and maintains accounts denominated in foreign currency that provides the Account holders the privilege to instruct transfer of funds abroad without foreign exchange permit.

Retention Accounts

  • Tsedey Bank opens and maintains foreign currency accounts for exporters and frequent recipients of foreign exchange remittance to enable retain all /portion of their export earnings and inward remittances as per the NBE directive.

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