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Gratitude and Farewell Message to the upcoming board members from Mr. Gedu Andargachew

Dear Esteemed Board Members,

 As I pen down these words of gratitude and farewell, my heart overflows with emotions long nurtured in the soil of purpose-driven teamwork and unwavering dedication to serving the greater good. It has been a privilege beyond words to have served as the board chairman of Tsedey Bank ( formerly ACSI). I reflect on our collective journey, and I am filled with immense gratitude for the indelible impact we have brought together. Our tireless efforts have been fueled by a vision to reach millions of unreachable rural masses, empower urban young entrepreneurs, and uplift women’s business enterprises in the trade and manufacturing sectors.

Each decision, each strategy, and each initiative was crafted with the singular goal of contributing to the progress and well-being of the larger Amhara society. This noble purpose has been the guiding star of our endeavors, illuminating the path forward even in the face of challenges. For me, nothing surpasses the honor and fulfillment that comes from serving the people with unwavering dedication and unimpeachable integrity.

The opportunity to steer Tsedey Bank alongside the esteemed members of the board has been a privilege that I will forever cherish. Your wisdom, insight, and unwavering commitment have been the bedrock upon which we have built a legacy of impact and progress. As I bid farewell to this chapter of my life, I am compelled to express my profound gratitude to every member of the board of directors. Your leadership, vision, and collaborative spirit have been the cornerstone of our collective success. Together, we have navigated through uncharted waters, weathered storms, and emerged stronger, always fortified by the unwavering belief in our mission.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the management and employees of Tsedey Bank, whose tireless dedication and unyielding determination have been the very lifeblood of our institution. Their hard work, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence have propelled Tsedey Bank to greater heights, earning the trust and respect of our stakeholders and the community. As I embark on moving forward with what fate has in store for me, I carry the invaluable lessons, cherished memories, and enduring bonds forged in the crucible of purpose and service. It has been an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with each one of you, and I am humbled by the privilege to have been part of this extraordinary journey.

Lastly, I extend my sincere wish to the upcoming board members to emphasize their commitment to upholding the principles and values of this great institution. May they carry forward the beacon of hope for the millions of the Amhara community and the larger Ethiopian people.

In closing, I extend my best wishes for the continued success of Tsedey Bank. May the legacy of purpose-driven leadership and unwavering commitment continue to guide the path ahead, illuminating the way for future accomplishments and milestones. With my most profound respect and enduring gratitude,

Gedu Andargachew

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