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Tsedey Bank’s Impressive Corporate Social Responsibilities by Part

Tsedey Bank is carrying out its Social Responsibilities (CSR) in a holistic manner!

Here are some examples of CSR initiatives that Tsedey Bank is carrying out to help the community!

1. The bank has been fulfilling its responsibility for the past 26 years (since its establishment as a credit and savings institution).

• For example: – with the name of “Biqu”, it has been supporting children who have lost their parents due to various reasons by covering their expenses. With Tsedey’s parental support, many of them are employed in different sectors.

2. Since October 2012, i.e. 10 years ago, Tsedey has established an athletics club and has been covering all of its expenses. “Tsedey Bank Athletics Club” currently has 50 athletes, 2 coaches, and 1 manager.

• Through this club, Tsedey Bank is promoting Ethiopia in international arenas. For example, the club represented Ethiopia in international competitions and won 1gold, 5 silver, and 2 bronze medals (a total of 8 medals).

•Besides, in national and regional competitions, Tsedey’s Athletics Club won 190 gold, 160 silver, and 152 bronze medals, (a total of 502 medals) and took 52 trophies in various competitions.

3. Moreover, Tsedey Bank has been working for years by providing long-term loans for the purchase of tractors to modernize agriculture and improve the lives of farmers.

4. It is a bank that is fulfilling its social responsibility in practice by providing several millions of birr for the development of football.

5. Tsedey Bank’s social responsibility goes beyond the above immense support. For instance, with the cost of 13.2 million birr, it has built and handed over a general secondary school for the community of Waghemira Administrative Zone, where school infrastructure is still at its infancy stage.

6. Tsedey Bank is a bank for all, which has been donating several millions of birr every year in major national and regional projects, heritage conservation and maintenance works, protecting Lake Tana from water hyacinth, reaching out early when citizens are exposed to problems due to natural and man-made disasters.

• Work with Tsedey Bank! Make your dreams come true!

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