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Tsedey Bank invests heavily in women’s empowerment!

Tsedey Bank supports women’s empowerment through strategic investment.Tsedey Bank is demonstrably committed to fostering women’s empowerment through targeted financial initiatives.

Recognizing the crucial role women play in economic development, the bank has strategically allocated a significant portion of its loan portfolio, reaching nearly 50% disbursement to women-owned businesses and enterprises. This commitment reflects Tsedey Bank’s deep understanding of the positive societal and economic impact achieved by empowering women.Empowering women is a strategic investment that equips them with the resources and opportunities necessary to maximize their potential. This not only fosters financial independence, but also translates into improved job security and overall economic stability.

Furthermore, it cultivates self-determination by granting women work over their lives, enabling them to make informed choices regarding education, career paths, and healthcare.On top of these, economic empowerment of women unlocks their full potential for social and political participation. Studies demonstrate a positive correlation women economic empowerment and societal well-being, with greater peace, wealth, and health.

That is why Tsedey Bank S.C invests heavily in women’s empowerment!

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