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Artist Solomon Bogale signs a brand ambassador contract with Tsedey Bank

Artist Solomon Bogale signed a brand ambassador contract with Tsedey Bank S.C. on June 1st, 2023.

In the colorful ceremony held at the Skylight Hotel, Ato Mekonnen Yelewmwesen, CEO of Tsedey Bank, stated that the bank chose artist Solomon Bogale to represent Tsedey because his charitable works, positive mindset, and supportive behavior fits with the personalities of Tsedey, a community-focused bank that caters to the needs of the unbanked, the poor and the rural community.  The CEO further mentioned that serving the rural and unbanked community, the former ACSI, now Tsedey Bank, earned six international awards. It is also the only Ethiopian financial institution to get an African Bankers Award, ranking sixth among the top 15 financial institutions worldwide. For being the top artist, Solomon has also received numerous national, continental, and worldwide awards. The similarity in the successful journey of the bank and the artist is also the other reason for choosing Artist Solomon to be the brand ambassador of Tsedey Bank.

Tsedey’s brand ambassador, Artist Solomon in his part said “I am honored to be chosen to work as a brand ambassador of Tsedey Bank, which has been playing a tremendously significant role for the betterment of the lives of the people. I accepted the offer to be the brand ambassador of Tsedey Bank for three reasons: first; its motto “Bank for all!” is inclusive of all, second; it started from scratch serving the rural and the poor and achieved several groundbreaking successes and third, Tsedey is sensitive for social responsibility and community concerns.” The ambassador has also promised to closely work and better promote the bank in the way it meets its goals.

Since its inception in 19 95 as “Rural Credit” which was later named “ACSI” in 1997, Tsedey Bank has played a significant role in the betterment of the lives of the poor and several development activities. 

The bank which is transformed from ACSI, officially joined the industry with a huge paid-up capital of Birr 7.75 billion and a total capital of Birr 11.3 billion. 

Tsedey is one of the Ethiopian private banks with a total asset and total capital of Birr 49.7 and 11.6 billion respectively.

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