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Electronic Payment

Tsedey Bank has undertaken electronic payment for more than 380
households financed with Productive safety-Net Program (PSNP)

Tsedey Bank has agreed with governmental and non-governmental
organizations to provide e-payment services for the community. According
to Tsedey Bank Business Data Manager Mr. Derje Chanie, the institution
has providing modern PSNP e-payment services for 40 districts of the
region. Rural saving cooperatives have providing these e-payment
services beside to tsedey Bank branchs and satellite offices.

The service has been undertaking for more than 380 thousand farmers in
using mobile banking system technology that benefits the community in
different ways.

Paying the money for concerned individual, providing clear and compiled
report, easily accessible for rural society are among the major benefits
of the payment service, thereby, Tsedey Bank could save more than 7
million birr from leftover in using this system says the manager.

Besides to PSNP, Tsedey Bank have been paid salary and pension payments
in similar system.

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