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Some of the Reasons Why to Bank with Tsedey

  • Bank of the Rural Community (Significant number of its branches are located in remote areas.)
  • Tsedey is the bank of the low-salaried, the well-to-do family and people with entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Bank of the Poor (Provides group loan for the betterment of the lives of the poor)
  • More than 1.3 million customers have benefited loans from Tsedey.
  • Bank of the youth (provides huge amount of loan for the youth)
  • Provides mechanized farming machinery to modernize agriculture.
  • Bank with wide geographic reach with over 585 branches.
  • Tsedey Bank invests millions of birr for its athletics club every year.
  • Tsedey Bank provides funding for a number of community service and development initiatives.
  • Tsedey is known for its consistent corporate social responsibility spending millions of birr every year.

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