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What does Tsedey’s tagline “Bank for all!” stands for?

The tagline of Tsedey Bank, “Bank for all,” clearly denotes that the bank is committed to providing financial services to everyone in Ethiopia, regardless of their income, social status, or location. The bank believes everyone deserves access to banking services, and is committed to making its services as affordable and accessible as possible. That is why Tsedey serves the rural (unbanked) community, the well-to-do family, the poor, the better-off, the low-level salaried people, and people with an entrepreneurial attitude.

The bank has more than 13 million total customers, many of whom are woman from rural Ethiopia. This shows Tsedey is practically an inclusive bank.

Tsedey’s tagline, “Bank for all” is a powerful and brief phrase that resonates with people from all walks of life, and it positions the bank as a trusted and inclusive financial institution. It is also crafted in line with Tsedey’s vision and mission to realize financial inclusion.  

Moreover, Tsedey’s tagline is reflected in its commitment to social responsibility. Education, athletics, football, national development initiatives, and other charitable endeavors are just a few of the areas in which Tsedey Bank realizes its social responsibilities.

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